CRC and Vegetarian Diet

A recent article from a large observational cohort study has suggested that Vegetarians appear to be at lower risk for colorectal cancer than nonvegetarians. The vegetarians had a 22% lower risk for all colorectal cancers than those who ate meat. This study was published online in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study interestingly has shown that the risk of developing colorectal cancer was much lower in pescovegetarians (who ate no meat but who ate fish more than once a month) than other categories of nonvegetarians. It is important to note that individuals need to adhere to vegetarian diet for 20 years or more to see the benefit of reducing the risk of colorectal cancers in the later part of their life. A few studies in the past have already suggested that vegetarian diet has been linked to longevity and reduced risk of coronary vascular events.

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